WG/MC NNEXT - Meeting in Dublin, Ireland
COST Action FP 1403
from 03-10-17 to 04-10-17 in Dublin, Ireland

  Training Schools

Training Schools provide intensive training in emerging research topics within the organisations involved in the COST Action.

  2nd NNEXT Training School

Modelling landscape invasion by non-native trees: challenges and applications
(25-29 September 2017 - Porto, Portugal)

For details please see: here

1st NNEXT Training School
"Non-native tree species in Europe in the viewpoint of climate change: challenges, risks, opportunities – trade-offs"
This training school was organised by NNEXT and the Croatian Forest Research Institute.
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   Short Term Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are networking missions to collaborate with experts in your respective field of interest, allowing you to visit an institution or laboratory in another country and gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in your own institution/organisation.

  Seventh STSM

Call Opening: 1st July 2017
Application Deadline: 30th September 2017
Earliest Start Date: 1st November 2017

For details on rules, funding, topics and application procedure
please see: here



If you are invited to join an event at the expenses of NNEXT, please accept your invitation as soon as possible by following the link in the official invitation e-mail. For a detailed description how to accept the invitation and how to fill in the Online Travel Reimbursement Request please check the step-by-step guide.




in Forestry
"Non-native tree species in Europe"
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